Monday, 2 September 2013

Self Indulgence

I've been feeling pretty down lately at times. Nothing that I can totally pin-point, but a pervading sense of "why even bother"...

Then I did holiday club with my church, and spent time with good friends and I'm feeling better. So while I'm in this better mood I'm posting a list of 5 reasons why I love myself (and need to remember this when I don't really love myself)

1. I am resilient.

I don't tend to give up, even when life gives me a massive case of "ughhhhh" anymore. I've taken some real crap in my life, and I haven't let it drown me.

2. I'm willing to try new things.

I started crochet-ing age 28, I tried matcha tea just because it was offered. I like to try new things.

3. I'm not sucking wholly at parenting.

Maybe some people don't agree with how I parent Abbie (I am pretty strict), but I've got a child who is a heck of a lot more respectful that others I know (and even while sulking at my witholding a treat due to her bad behaviour still thanked a bus driver as she got off the bus)

4.I make good cupcakes

Because yum, cake.

5. I am getting a tonne better at We Love Katamari

Because na naaaa na na na na-na na na na katamari damacy!!

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