Tuesday, 9 July 2013

That time I forgot I had a blog

Sorry, June was quiet wasn't it?

I'm 29 now. YAY I'm getting so old! I have les than a year of my 20s left and this thrills me. I don't worry about the numbers growing. I'm just that I'm around still.

This is just a quick one...

5 things I love right now.

1. Raspberry Syrup. I pick it up from a Polish store in Burgess Hill (West Sussex) and I add it to milk for milkshakes and to lemonade for a particularly sweet treat.

2. my friends... I was thoroughly spoilt rotten for my birthday. I have some lovely new purple nail varnish that I want to wear forever and ever amen.

3. Family. As always my Lewes lot (and the surrounding areas of course) have been amazing.

4. Coffee. I am a caffeine addict, and coffee keeps me nice.

5. Soap Operas... Pobol Y Cwm, River City, Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, Hollyoaks. They are my guilty pleasures (just without the guilt)

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