Sunday, 21 July 2013

Rock Bottom

I definitely hit rock bottom earlier this month.

I'll let you into a little secret. I'm absolutely rubbish at housework,... I can just about maintain a clean house, but if something happens and it gets untidy I can't seem to claw myself back.. and it got more and more untidy and I just buried my head in the sand like a detritus-ostritch..

Thankfully I have friends who care enough to tell me and to help me, and honestly I've been so over-whelmed by the love. Things are making great strides forwards.

I also got in touch with my landlord who will be removing my (useless) water tank. They were supposed to be removed when the boilers were installed, but yet again, it didn't happen with my flat (I was also missing half my kitchen when I moved in).... but yes, 5 1/2 years later my case has been heard, and byebye water tank and HELLO STORAGE CUPBOARD. OH MY GOSH WHAT WILL I DO WITH THAT SPACE

I know fullwell what I'll do. It'll be the cupboard for the vacuum cleaner/ironing board/mop/brooms etc.. and shelved from waist high so I have somewhere to put bedding that isn't the bottom of my chest of drawers.

Hitting rock bottom and being honest has been so cathartic and exhausting though, I'm knackered and running 99% on caffeine lately.

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