Saturday, 8 June 2013

(not so) heureux demoiselle

Yesterday was pretty crummy for me.

I had my wallet stolen while I waited for a bus. I am so angry. Both at the thief for taking it, and also at myself for not being aware.

I'm so lucky to have the family I do. I rang my dad at work, crying my eyes out (My Dad always makes me feel safe, and of course, the second I heard his voice I was a wreck).. he immediately rang my brother, who drove over to collect me. My niece gave me a huge cuddle and told my eyes to stop dripping, which made me feel better.

I then also found out that my friend and I are supposedly bullying another mother at the school. I use the word supposedly, because neither of us are quite sure when we're supposed to have done this, as we never see this particular parent! We have spoken to the head teacher at the school, in the hope that this supposed "bullying" doesn't reach the childrens ears. We're both so bemused though.

But onto more positive stuff.

I've re-arranged my room, eaten lots of ramen, drunk my first root beer and my daughter gave me a new wallet.

Life is still good. Bad things happen, but they only become worse if you let them take over.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Organiser (Je n'ai pas de comp├ętences organisationnelles)

I feel like lately all I am doing is throwing stuff away. I have been such a hoarder since I was finally in a flat of my own. I'm pretty ashamed of it really.

So next week I'm dedicating the week days to sorting out the flat.

We have 5 rooms:

My room
A's room
Front Room

One room one day = 1 week until we're sorted.
I'm gonna start tomorrow by taking the (four) boxes of books to the charity shop. (Though there will be more books to come I'm sure!)

I need to buy a bedside cabinet tomorrow too, and move my chest of drawers and throw out the ugly tv stand in my room. I am dedicated to giving myself a lovely bedroom.

Small Injustices

Now the daughter is approaching 9 she's aware of a lot in the big wide world, as well as her own little bubble. She's aware life isn't fair and that sometimes bad things happen, and that the best thing is to have faith in a higher power, and to do the best you can to make your life fair.

She asked me something yesterday and I wasn't quite sure how to respond, so I'm throwing it out to the blogosphere in the hope one or two of you will give your opinions/suggestions.

There is a child in her class who has slight learning difficulties and a small mobility issue. Of course we understand that there are certain instances in which there will be a different rule for this child than for others, but in yesterday's PE lesson they were playing rounders... this girl was run out.... but was allowed to carry on playing... yet when A was run out.. she was out. I can see exactly why A was annoyed. How come it's different rules?

I didn't really know what to say. Because to my mind, if a team member is out in a game like that... then they're out, and it's one of the few instances I don't think an exception should be made.

But I want to present a response to A in a positive light.

Hmm.. what to say?

Sunday, 2 June 2013


So.. I had an interview on Friday gone, and I painted my nails I'm pretty impressed that after 3 day they're not chipped to hell and back. The nail polish is Bourjois "Vert Gothique". It's definitely the worlds worst kept secret that my favourite colour is green,  and I really like this shade.

Also, I kinda wanted to show off that I've managed to grow my nails.  I've always had a bad habit of biting my finger nails, so for them to actually come beyond the tips of my fingers is some small miracle (Even my thumb nail was long until an unfortunate incident with a car door!)

Also, marvel at my wonky middle fingers!