Monday, 20 May 2013

Mama Moments...

A didn't enjoy school today. Someone called her a baby because she was humming to herself while she worked, so now she has decided she's a baby. How silly of this other child. I also hum to help me concentrate. I'd love this child to tell me I'm a baby too.

Egg and chips for tea has certainly boosted her spirits, and we'll cuddle up and watch My Neighbour Totoro together, and then it'll be time for bed. Routine is good for us. So at 7.30 she'll go to bed, and at 8pm I'll turn off the lights and put a bedtime cd on. (not that the bedtime cds always encourage sleep. Last night I had to hold back the laughter when I walked into her bedroom to find her stood on the bed singing along with Elton John's "Are You Ready For Love?"

I had to laugh at her lyrical adjustment though.
"Am I ready? Am I ready for bed? No, I'm not, ohhhh yeahhhhhh"

It was a lovely moment, and she settled down within minutes. 

She really enjoyed Eurovision on Saturday. I refuse to feel guilty about loving Eurovision. It's cheesy, and a bit sad, but I absolutely love it. It opened my eyes to a couple of bands who I love now (Les Fatals Picards and The Ark)...

And I must say, that 2007 was a good Eurovision year. The Ukrainian entry will forever stick in my mind!

I had to laugh at the young'uns distaste of Bonnie Tyler though. Unfortunately our upstairs neighbour is WAY too fond of playing Total Eclipse of the Heart on repeat......


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