Friday, 17 May 2013

Liebster Award


So, the lovely Hannah of What Hannah Read nominated me for the Liebster award. It's all very flattering, but confusing. There seems to be a lot of rigmarole around it. I'm fairly confident the internet police aren't going to be banging on my door if I don't do everything so... nyer basically.

This is what you're supposed to do:
1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.
3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.
 4. Display the Liebster Award logo
 5.  No tag backs

So. 11 facts about me.

1. I have 4 scars on my left hand. one on my index finger knuckle because I missed the tile I was scraping in art, and tore a chunk out of my knuckle instead. At least it's an L shape on my left hand huh? There is a tiny little scar on the very bottom of my middle finger on my left hand. A sewing accident where I stabbed my hand. A long scar on my wrist that I did climbing over the barbed wire fence by my house, and a little line on the back of my hand that I have no idea how I did it.

2. I'm the eldest of 5 children. There is 19 years and 8 and a half months between my youngest sibling and myself, and there is only 9 and a half months between that sibling and my offpsring.

3. I'm a mother, and I have been since 8,01pm on 14th December 2004. My little girl isn't so little anymore. She's 8 and a half, and she's very tall (4'9/4'10)

4. I love languages. I have a little knowledge of French and German (I managed to pass GCSE's in both, but I don't know how), and I've decided to take up Welsh and Dutch to add to the mix.

5. In the last 10 years I've moved in a big circle from East Sussex to Hampshire to the top of West Sussex and back to where I started in East Sussex all over again.

6. I drink coffee like it's going out of fashion.

7. Thinking of 11 things about me is hard work.

8. I've been penpalling since I was 14. I have a good number of those letters still. Some got lost in housemoves, a few burnt in a house fire but I've still got a large storage box of letters

9. Without the NHS I've had been dead over 25 years by now.

10. Or if my accident a a toddler hadn't have killed me, the terrible labour I went through with my daughter would have killed the pair of us. I'm so ashamed that the Government are systematically screwing the NHS about.

11. I try to see the good in people. But it can be hard sometimes


To answer Hannah's questions:

1. Describe, or share a picture of, the view from your kitchen window.

The view from my kitchen window is quite a boring one. I can see the flats opposite me, and the gardens of the maisonettes between us.

2. Do you like board games and if so which ones?

I loooooooooooooooove board games. Scrabble, Cluedo, Monopoly, Twister, Atmosfear, jigsaws. THey're all awesome.

3. When you were growing up, what kind of vehicle did you imagine you would drive when you got your license?

I have always wanted a split screen Morris 1000 (pref in black, navy blue or british racing green - not that i'm specific ... much)... however at 29 I still don't have my license.

4. What do most people do that you don’t?

To be honest, I don't really pay a lot of attention to other people, but I guess smoke/drink/use drugs.

5. What assumptions do others often make about you and are these correct?

This is another one I find it hard to answer. Because I don't really care about what others assume about me I don't really pay attention to the assumptions.

6. Share a link to a song you’ve been listening to lately.

Christophe - Aline. (Because I'm secretly a middle aged belgian housewife at heart)

7. What were your favourite toys when you were a child?

Always my teddybear. and Books.

8. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Been a single parent. It's really not what I expected in life, but honestly it's the best thing that could have happened to both me and Bee.

9. Do you organise your books and if so, in what order?


10. What was your first computer like?

11. What are you going to do after writing this post?

Coffee. Naturally.


I honestly can't think of 11 questions for other people right now. If you want to do questions, leave a comment, and I'll ask you 5. or however many I can come up with.

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