Friday, 17 May 2013

Les joies de jeudi

Whimsical post time.
5 things I love:

1. Elderflower cordial with sparkling water.

It's my absolute favourite go-to drink on a warm evening. As many ( or some.. or possibly at least one person) may know, I'm tee-total. I haven't had issue with alcohol (beyond the price and taste anyway), but in the last 10 years I've been tee-total more than I haven't. It's currently 12 weeks since I had a drink, and I've consciously decided in my head that this is it for good.

2. Post

 Pen palling has been a massive part of my life since I was 14. I'm 29 in 5 weeks, so more than half my life has been spent queueing in the post office (and believe me, since 2 of the post offices went in this town it *REALLY* feels like half my life!) There's a certain delight to opening up and envelope that I know doesn't contain a demand for money I've met some of my best friends through letters (even if we've never met phyiscally) and despite debating quitting pen-palling a couple of times I honestly can't imagine my life without!

3. This love song.
Epik High - Don't Hate Me

It's catchy, it's not soppy, they look like they're having an absolute damn blast performing it live. The M/V is brilliant.

Here's the English translation of the Korean lyrics.
The lead singer wrote this for his wife. I like it a lot more than some stereotypically gushing love songs you hear a lot on the radio.

4. cwtsh!

Cuddles are officially THE best thing ever in my book. Whether they're with kids or kitties or friends. Ich <3 Hugs

5. Coffee....

Seriously. I'm really not worth knowing without this stuff in my system!!

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