Saturday, 18 May 2013

Je suis une araignée.

I am not infact a spider. Je deteste l'araignée! I am brushing up on my French and German using Duolingo. I'm quite ashamed by how much French especially I don't remember. I spent 7 years learning, then 12 forgetting it all again. Merde.

But Duolingo is good fun. Some of the sentences are weird, but that is helping it stick in my tête a bit better.

I gave my N64 and my SNES a dusting down and a play today. Both work.. well as far as I'm aware. The SNES controller appears to have died. I ordered a cheap one on ebay, so I'm hoping it IS the controller, and not the...controller attachey part within the SNES. It turned on and booted up Donkey Kong anyway.

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