Saturday, 4 May 2013

Je n'ai gardé que ce doux visage Comme une épave sur le sable mouillé

Day 4 sans landline.

Kinda wishing I'd checked that it wasn't something external before purchasing a new phone. It was something external, however I now have a spare handset for when mine invariably goes breasts ascending!
I'm quite reliant on a landline. It's how I keep in touch with my father and Grandparents, and to be without one for 4 days now has been frustrating.

Though it took me 2 days to work out it wasn't working. I thought I was unpopular!! Heh, nope, external forces disapprove of my conversation though.

It's May Bank Holiday weekend. Thanks to a particularly delicate stomach I've not ventured out (I don't dare be too far from a bathroom, and I'll be nice and leave the information at that!), Abbie watched The Princess and The Frog earlier while I tried to nap away my feelings of ill. We've had a small lunch (pasta bake for Abbie, Salad for me) and as there's no school tomorrow, we're going to cuddle up and watch The Princess Bride next. There's nothing like comfort cinema when you're feeling grim!

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