Saturday, 11 May 2013

Giveaway time.

So, I just hit 900 page views. I can't quite believe it that people have come to look so often. It is pretty cool.

I'm gonna do a little giveaway for 1000 views.

As you know, I crochet, and I knit. If you'd like a handmade headband, then comment here, and as soon as I hit 1000 views I'll pull a number out of the cat.. I mean hat. And bam, heandbands r us!


  1. Oh yes please, I would love a headband - I wear them all the time with my dreads! I hope this comment works, I'm not sure my last one did so I'll give you this link again (I nominated you for a blogging award :))

    1. I'm fairly certain you're going to win the giveaway be being the only person to enter.. so, any particular colour scheme you'd like? I'll get on with the bloggy thing now :)