Sunday, 28 April 2013


What makes you feel good?

It's 9am on Sunday morning, I'm up, washed, dressed and breakfasted (2 coffees and a banana, it's a balanced diet if I'd had a cup in each hand!) and we'll be leaving for church in... 90 minutes.

I looked in the mirror as I came out of the bathroom and I liked what I saw. It's not dressed up. Just a regular pair of blue jeans, a blouse/t-shirt all in one thingy, and a basic black fleece jacket. But I feel comfortable and it's given me some joy this morning.

Abbie of course is still in her pajamas. I forsee her scrambling around in an hour for her clothes, but such is the life of an 8 year old. I refuse to spoon feed her through life, she's not a baby anymore, and she's more than old enough to dress herself and learn a little time management.

Talking of time management, once her homework is done tonight we're going to work on a new routine/schedule. We seem to fall ot of sorts way too easily, so I'm going to print something out and have it in a frame in the hallway so neither of us can argue.

I'm just trying to live in a happy cohesive household that is ours and us. It seems to be workng so far, I just need to get a handle on the housework. (that's this weeks challenge)

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