Monday, 29 April 2013

It might come as a suprise to ... no-one... but I love musicals.

So today it's musicals monday.
What are YOUR favourite musicals?
(if you like them of course, I'm aware they're not everyone's cup of tea)

Sunday, 28 April 2013


What makes you feel good?

It's 9am on Sunday morning, I'm up, washed, dressed and breakfasted (2 coffees and a banana, it's a balanced diet if I'd had a cup in each hand!) and we'll be leaving for church in... 90 minutes.

I looked in the mirror as I came out of the bathroom and I liked what I saw. It's not dressed up. Just a regular pair of blue jeans, a blouse/t-shirt all in one thingy, and a basic black fleece jacket. But I feel comfortable and it's given me some joy this morning.

Abbie of course is still in her pajamas. I forsee her scrambling around in an hour for her clothes, but such is the life of an 8 year old. I refuse to spoon feed her through life, she's not a baby anymore, and she's more than old enough to dress herself and learn a little time management.

Talking of time management, once her homework is done tonight we're going to work on a new routine/schedule. We seem to fall ot of sorts way too easily, so I'm going to print something out and have it in a frame in the hallway so neither of us can argue.

I'm just trying to live in a happy cohesive household that is ours and us. It seems to be workng so far, I just need to get a handle on the housework. (that's this weeks challenge)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga ChooChoo?

I'm blatantly not in Tennessee, however much I'd like to be. The music player kicked up the Andrews sisters version of this, and I'm back to my 18 year old self using song lyrics for blog posts (or lj entries as they were back in the day for me!)

It's a lovely morning, chilly but not cold, sunny and just generally NICE. Abbie and I were out of the house at 8.50am to get to the post office. My pen-pals have been amazing to put up with my general rubbishness. But post went out today!

After that, as promised to Abbie if she behaved, we got a drink at Caffe Nero, then headed into the charity shop... Oopsie, I accidentally spent £3 on boardgames. I got Battleships, Guess Who and "Coppit". I look forward to playing them!

I am managing to keep my stress levels under control more now. I don't know what happened to me the last month or so, it felt like EVERYTHING was going to send me slightly bonkers.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Navel Gazing Number 5928404034843

I wish I could get a handle on my ridiculous fluctuating self-esteem. I know no-one has good self-esteem constantly, but y'know, I'd like something a little different from the rapid cycle between self-loathing, and thinking the sun shines out my own arse. I'm well well well aware neither is the actual case. I'm not that bad, I'm not brilliant either, but I just wanna plod along ok.

Things are getting better with A. Her behaviour is improving, she's actually gone to bed when asked, she has a cd on and I expect she'll be asleep before long (then I can catch up on the Gwaith/Cartref and River City I recorded earlier in the week).. She's still having some problems socialising, though I think part of that is the people she is around. Abbie's a fairly quiet child, definitely intelligent (she's picking up 3 languages off her own back), loves a good book and has a really expansive imagination, and doesn't really have much of an interest in pushing a doll around in a small pram, which seems to be the preferred thing of a lot of the children the same age as her around here.

She went to the local youth club, and was excluded from joining in with one group, and came home crying. I can understand her frustration, as she does try to mix, and when it doesn't work she gets frustrated and gives up. I've told her not to give up, next time she can always bring along something to play of her own, or just try and play with children different to the ones she was already playing with. In September she's re-starting at a new brownie pack, and will also be starting the Youth Club run by the church we attend.

I'm slowly slowly getting the flat together, I still need to finish filling in 1 corner of the lounge with paint, and  I need to lay the lino I was kindly given in the kitchen. Then it's on to the bedrooms. For the places we'll often spend the largest amount of time we don't seem to have made much of an effort with them.

On a total other note, but quite amusing.. My Nan found the designs my ex had done for my wedding dress and the bridesmaids dress. Ughhhhhh lucky escape!!!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bist Du Da? Wo Ich Auch Bin...

So, this is my round up for the week.

I've been curating the People of UK twitter this week, It's been been lovely to get to speak to new people.

I have been re-arranging furniture in the bedrooms. I'm doing better than I expected on this front, and am INCREDIBLY excited about the new dressing table I'm getting next week :D

Decluttering is driving my hoarding little mind mad, but I'm persevering. I'm treating myself. For each hour that I clean I each a nice mug of coffee, and after 3 hours I sit and watch a DVD. I'm about to go and start my first DVD (Reine Geschmacksache)

I hope everyone else's saturday is being super.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Freitag Fünf

1. Silly Kitties.
My Mymble is special levels of silly, and i'd run out of space on my camera if I recorded every little silly thing she does. Her current favourite is to come running up the hall, and then skid and smack her ass into the front door before kicking off and running back down the hall. Mind your ankles ladies and gentlemen.

2. Caffeine.
I possibly have caffeine dependancy issues. While I waited for the kettle to boil yesterday morning I had a Red Bull. then had rocket fuel coffee. I had 7 cups of coffee over the day, a necessity with the epic levels of stupidity yesterday contained. Cancelled plans all over the shop. A girl could get paranoid!!

3. This song/MV
I love this song, and the video is fantastic!

4. The Ultimate Duckface
quackers huh?

5. This cute as anything cartoon.

We first discovered Pocoyo about 6 years ago, when the wee one was a Toddler, and despite the fact she's 18 months away from turning 10, we'll still watch it of an evening. It's such a sweet lovely little cartoon it's the perfect thing to wind down to.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Never Give Up

Monday Musings:

Keeping my eyes open and taking a different route through town gave me an employment opportunity. CV and covering letter e-amiled off, so wish me luck! 

Have had a lovely day with my little lady. We popped to the shops to get some milk, and have spent the rest of the day at home. Sharing good meals (how can pizza ever be anything other than awesome? Don't we look several levels of flushed? Nothing like a chilly day in town.

Re-arranged my room a little, decluttered some books and DVDs for charity shop donation. Drank more coffee than is probably healthy (so, what else is new!!)

Tomorrow is Weightwatchers Day, and then a quick dash to get groceries before a light lunch. Tomorrow we're off to see the local operatic society's "The Sound of Music" :D How excited are we?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

pawb yn hoffi cwtsh

Another long delay, but I'm back, I promise.

I've been thinking a lot lately. More self-improvement stuff.

I'm going to dedicate a day to languages. I have GCSE Grade French and German, that needs bringing back up to standard. I made a vague attempt at learning Welsh last year. It's an absolutely beautiful language, and so I'm going to push myself into a conversational level there too. (Hopefully. the mutations confuse me right now!)

I'm slowly slowly doing up the flat. I have 2 boxes of books and a bag of DVDs to go to the Charity shop this week. And ridiculous amounts of rubbish to go to the compound this evening (last thing before bed after Gwaith/Cartref). I've lived in my flat 5 years now (the longest I've lived anywhere since 2002!) and I've decorated every room except my own so I'm making that my priority.

I'm going to make some attempt at being less isolated. I isolate myself, which I don't always mean to. I have some intense self-esteem issues, and a lot of the time I feel as though I'm not good enough to socialise with other people, like they won't want to know me, and this attitude is something I need to get out of. I'm just as good as anyone else, and thinking bad of myself is my BIGGEST issue lately.