Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tuesday Thanks

Today I am thankful for:

An amazing family (as always). I spent the day with family, highlights being seeing my Nan do the Gangnam Style arms (hilarity)  and having 3 generations of girls having lunch together. My daughter had a good day at school, and is currently reading in her bedroom.

Supportive friends. I've been feeling really low lately, and kind comments via text, email and twitter from a few friends have really helped me feel a whole lot better

Coffee. My caffeinated saviour. The luxury of  waking up at 5.30 and having a coffee in perfect peace and quiet, it's my little morning slice of heaven

Music. Whether it's listening to my daughter experimenting on her xylophone or recorder, listening to K-Pop via youtube or playing the records I inherited (er.... liberated more like) from my father. I couldn't imagine life without music.

My cat, simply for being her silly fluffy noisy self. (Not for sleeping on my breast though....)

What are YOU thankful for today?

Saturday, 16 March 2013

So for Red nose day Miss A's school got to school in their pajamas. Raising the question "What if you sleep naked?" which provided untold amusement to us old people.

This is A modelling her Hello Kitty pajamas which her aunty and uncle got her for her birthday and the dressing gown they got her for Christmas (Her birthday being 11 days before christmas) I certainly think she was one of the snuggliest kids there! And LOOK. I've almost mastered the art of the French braid. I've been trying to learn how to do this ever since I grew my hair out from the crewcut I had as a 13 year old, and life said "NO WOMAN. THOU SHALT NOT BRAID"... but I finally got it lately. A has very fine hair (albeit lots of it), so it doesn't always stay totally neat, but it's still all good.

On the subject of hair. I've gone back to my natural colour.

From this rather weird red colour that had actually looked quite nice when I'd first dyed it back in October, to my natural tinge of the ginge.  Is that even ginger? I've sat on the the cusp of ginger and blonde my adult life... What would YOU SAY?

Friday, 15 March 2013

My Friday Five...

Things what I love!

1. My local train station.

In the last year or so they've started running a little American candy import stand. Of course it's still more expensive than buying British Candy, but it's cheaper than going to the import shop in Brighton (by up to 50% in some cases!) On that note, if anyone ever wants to do a candy exchange, hit me up!

2.  Drink Me Green Tea Chai Latte
Between me and my little one (we are a family who cheer for chai!) we drink about 1.5 tubs of this a week. Littl'un is more of a Spiced Chai fan, but this Green tea one really hits the spot for me.

3. This pic...
This is me. I think the cookie monster was based on me :O

4. My child.
Little one likes her new ukelele <3
A given, I know... But lately she's been really kind and sweet. I had a horrid headache, so she brought me a drink to make me feel better, and she followed the instructions and made Angel Delight last night. She's 8 years old and just a lovely lady :)

5. This made me laugh more than anything today

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I Can Feel It In My Bones...

So, I'm miffed this morning. I was meant to meet up with the fabulous Kei from Unfortunately Oh! this afternoon, but unseasonal snow has put paid to those plans for today, EVERY SINGLE BUS across 3 networks is cancelled.

Miss A's school is closed for the day, oh the joys of living in a hilly town where the slightest hint of snow incapacitates people! This Tuesday feels rather saturday-ish, as it's 8.45am and we're still at home (and still in pajamas, though this shall be rectified in the near future)

I had a lovely chat with Nanny Penguin yesterday afternoon. I've felt really lonely lately. I know I have friends, but due to time and distance we don't often get to see each other, and  that bums me out sometimes. I've also worried about my parenting. I am a single parent, as was my father, and I just feel like I don't cope sometimes. My Dad was always marvellous. We didn't often have a lot, but we always knew we were loved and I could never ask for better. My Dad always just seemed to cope so well, so it was quite an eye opener when my Nan said "well girl, don't you think your father felt like he was just muddling along and barely coping too?"... I trust my Grandmothers opinions, and they seem to think I'm doing an ok job...

I'm going to try and venture out into town... not sure how good an idea this is, but I'm already feeling a bit stir crazy. I really don't enjoy plans being changed at the last minute. Grr.

However... Now I'm going to set myself 2 challenges for the day -

#1 to hit over 10,000 steps on the pedometer

#2 to finish sorting out my lounge.

Pictures to come this evening hopefully. possibly. maybe.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Two Left Feet

I'm still finding my feet as far as blogging is concerned. I have excruciatingly painfully low self-esteem, and there has been a handful of half written blog posts that have never quite made it to actual being posted-ness. I worry about whatever I do, even things like buying gifts, I'm petrified when I hand them over, just incase they're hated...

But it's one of the things I'm working on. Putting myself out there. Being honest with myself, and about myself.

Right now it's 1.10pm on a Sunday afternoon. I'm in my lounge, with my daughter and my brother on the sofa. A and A are both 2004 babies. Isn't it just absurd that I gained a sibling and an offspring in the space of 10 months? My Dad certainly thinks it's hilarious that he because a father for the 5th time in Feb 2004, and a Grandfather for the 1st time that December.

After playing Connect 4 they're now watching Tom and Jerry, so I'm taking some time out to blog, and to actually post.

I can't believe we're already fast approaching the middle of March, where on earth has a quarter of 2013 gotten to?

We've seen some changes. I lost 6lb, gained them back, and have lost 2 of them again. A has grown 4 inches, I'm not feeling so completely miserable.

I'm definitely going on holiday this summer. A quit Brownies, so we're transfering the Brownie Camp funds over to "Woolleys do Wales!". We're spending 4 days between Cardiff and Abertawe. How exciting!