Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fringe and Face and Books and Blather

Lookie! It's my face. Yes, this is what I look like. I cut a fringe in the other day, and I'm pretty pleased with my DIY hair-do. I wanted something different and it's been about 10 years since I last had a fringe, so why not? At least I haven't given myself a ridiculously heavy blunt fringe that makes me look like an egg-head this time. I can also tell in photos that I've lost some weight now. I'm feeling really good about myself (otherwise I sure as heck wouldn't be sharing face pictures!)

I'm settled in my volunteering post now. This is the face of a Gift-Aid champion and Window dresser for Cancer Research. Me asking people to gift-aid is important, as our lovely caring (lying bunch of jackasses) Government stopped funding Cancer Research, so if we can get 25p from the government in gift-aid for every £1 that a customers donated goods sells for? Well, that's good right?I lost my Grandad to Cancer when I was 6 and if I can play a little part towards possibly helping other people NOT to have to go through that? Well I'm honoured.

Weightwatchers is going well too. In the last 2 weeks as helper I've been on the welcome desk, and given out paperwork, and also run the shop. These are all skills that I can take into a paid job whensoever that should come up!

I spent some pennies today - For £3.25 I got the 4 books pictured top, which will go in the bookcase pictured underneath. I love charity shop books, 2 of these were gift-aided, so an extra 50p will go to the shop, and also, if I can get a good read for 75p, well, I won't say no. Would you? All the books in that bookcase are charity shop purchases (as was the bookcase come to think of it)

You can see 3 of my favourite ever purchases in the bottom right hand corner of the bottom picture. Young Miss A is learning French, German and Welsh, and I managed to get Muzzy French and German for £8 (£4 for the German, and £2 each for French Level 1 and 2). That bottom shelf is the language shelf. I'm fascinated by languages, so in that shelf we have German, French, Welsh, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Norwegian.

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