Sunday, 6 January 2013

And a happy new year.

2013 is shaping up to be ok. My job did end on Saturday, but it was expected, I can't change it, I won't cry. I'll pick myself up, and come back better, faster and stronger.

I'm down to the jobcentre to sign on today. I am never going to say this is something I enjoy, however it's a neccessity for the meantime. I'm jobhunting of course, so lets hope and pray something perfect comes up soon.

I've actually finally started 12 days I will have lived in this flat 5 years, and now I've finally removed bottom from sofa, and am getting on with it. The lounge is slowly going a LOVELY cappucino-y brown called "cafe classic". I really love it, and I wish I'd gotten around to painting sooner (like.. September,when it wasn't so cold!)

I've also rejoined weightwatchers, but as a helper. So thats a positive step. I don't feel healthy or happy at my current size, so I'm taking proactive steps to help myself again.

All in all 2013 might just turn out alright...

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