Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fringe and Face and Books and Blather

Lookie! It's my face. Yes, this is what I look like. I cut a fringe in the other day, and I'm pretty pleased with my DIY hair-do. I wanted something different and it's been about 10 years since I last had a fringe, so why not? At least I haven't given myself a ridiculously heavy blunt fringe that makes me look like an egg-head this time. I can also tell in photos that I've lost some weight now. I'm feeling really good about myself (otherwise I sure as heck wouldn't be sharing face pictures!)

I'm settled in my volunteering post now. This is the face of a Gift-Aid champion and Window dresser for Cancer Research. Me asking people to gift-aid is important, as our lovely caring (lying bunch of jackasses) Government stopped funding Cancer Research, so if we can get 25p from the government in gift-aid for every £1 that a customers donated goods sells for? Well, that's good right?I lost my Grandad to Cancer when I was 6 and if I can play a little part towards possibly helping other people NOT to have to go through that? Well I'm honoured.

Weightwatchers is going well too. In the last 2 weeks as helper I've been on the welcome desk, and given out paperwork, and also run the shop. These are all skills that I can take into a paid job whensoever that should come up!

I spent some pennies today - For £3.25 I got the 4 books pictured top, which will go in the bookcase pictured underneath. I love charity shop books, 2 of these were gift-aided, so an extra 50p will go to the shop, and also, if I can get a good read for 75p, well, I won't say no. Would you? All the books in that bookcase are charity shop purchases (as was the bookcase come to think of it)

You can see 3 of my favourite ever purchases in the bottom right hand corner of the bottom picture. Young Miss A is learning French, German and Welsh, and I managed to get Muzzy French and German for £8 (£4 for the German, and £2 each for French Level 1 and 2). That bottom shelf is the language shelf. I'm fascinated by languages, so in that shelf we have German, French, Welsh, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Norwegian.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

January brings the snow, makes your feet and fingers glow

Now the month is almost over... Things have improved a little. Weightwatchers is going good. I do blush like mad when the fella who has captured my eye arrives. (Blonde, tall, a bit posh...)..I sign people in and give them their weighing in cards, which is helping a little with my general being shy issues.

I'm volunteering at a charity shop in town too. Paid employment is thin on the ground, especially for a single parent who can't rely on people to babysit (99% of my childcare is from MY grandparents, one set have a combined age of 149, and for the other's it's 163, they're too old to have an 8 year old under-foot for hours on end)... but I'm enjoying the charity shop work. I'm the gift aid champion (I sign people to gift aid etc), and I've done some window dressing and display organisation.

Unfortunately I've not been in this week as my daughter has been off ill the whole week with a flu virus. The first 2 days she slept about 22 hours out of 24, and it's only in the last day or so that she's gotten back to normal.  If nothing we've helped keep Calpol in business this week!

I'm thinking of doing a charity shop haul once a fortnight/month on this here blog, to get me more into the swing of posting regularly. What do you think?

Sunday, 6 January 2013

And a happy new year.

2013 is shaping up to be ok. My job did end on Saturday, but it was expected, I can't change it, I won't cry. I'll pick myself up, and come back better, faster and stronger.

I'm down to the jobcentre to sign on today. I am never going to say this is something I enjoy, however it's a neccessity for the meantime. I'm jobhunting of course, so lets hope and pray something perfect comes up soon.

I've actually finally started 12 days I will have lived in this flat 5 years, and now I've finally removed bottom from sofa, and am getting on with it. The lounge is slowly going a LOVELY cappucino-y brown called "cafe classic". I really love it, and I wish I'd gotten around to painting sooner (like.. September,when it wasn't so cold!)

I've also rejoined weightwatchers, but as a helper. So thats a positive step. I don't feel healthy or happy at my current size, so I'm taking proactive steps to help myself again.

All in all 2013 might just turn out alright...