Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wow, November has treated us well so far.

Abbie and I were on television! We were filmed as we walked in one of the Bonfire Night Processions. Lewes is pretty famous for our Bonfire Night celebrations, so it's pretty amazing to find out that we'd made it onto the local news. Unfortunately we weren't able to see it ourselves, as it wasn't uploaded onto the website.

Though we are in this video. From 4 minutes 26 to 4 minutes 30. I'm on the left of the screen, Abbie on the right, and Kerry on the left :)

We had a LOT of fun, we're looking forward to Barcombe Bonfire this coming saturday.

What is everyone enjoying right now?
I'm just about to start a new book (Jenny Colgan's "Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams"), I'm crocheting a neckwarmer (I've finished making a 13 foot long scarf)
I'm enjoying taking a lot of long walks lately. (I'm hopefully going out with friends tomorrow)

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