Friday, 2 November 2012

So that was no post October?!

Guess who forgot she'd started a blog? What a silly egg I am.

We're not even a full 48 hours into November, and I'm already contemplating my New Years resolutions. So I've decided to stuff the New Years part of it, and just work on some improve-me resolutions.

1. Get back to recording what I eat. I've had some fluctuations in mood and energy levels, and I need to work out what causes the slumps, and get it out of my system. My body is a temple, so I should only accept the best of sacrifices right?!

2. Keep up with the Gratitude journal. There are always things to be grateful for, whether it's something small like a nice view from the window, or something bigger it's always worth making a note of.

3. Exercise more. I've fallen into a slump because I move around a lot at work, but a half hour's Wii Fit isn't going to kill me.

4. Try and keep the negative feelings to a minumum.


  1. I hope you manage to keep up with your resolutions :)

  2. I keep neglecting my blog all the time. I like your resolutions, they're sensible and healthy :)