Monday, 19 November 2012

Oh Bore Da!

Today I switched to online only weightwatchers. I've been doing it Since April, and have lost over 2 stone so far, but since I started work I've been unable to attend my usual meetings, and haven't clicked with the woman who runs the evening meetings, so decided to save myself £16 a month and switch to online only.

I've really cheered myself up by saving a bit of money.

I'm cheered up, that after 11 months the cat finally doesn't hate us. She actually voluntarily sat on me today! We had cuddles and scritches while watching Hollyoaks (both) and drinking tea (me).

I need to get so many things sorted in the next couple of days/the rest of this year. Life is going too fast and I can't keep up with it.


Sort out the last of the wardrobe/drawers/laundry mountain
Sort out which books want keeping and which will be going down the charity shop
Paint lounge and wallpaper feature wall.
Get Abbies' bedroom ready for repainting.
Buy sodding paintbrushes.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Take Me As You Find Me

Days off can't be good for me. I do all this thinking stuff, and it makes my head hurt!!!

I'm feeling quite positive today. Visited my Grandmother, gave her a swan, and got a jumper in return. Nifty.

So in my last post I focussed on the bad things. Today I'm going to attempt to focus on positive stuff.

 We've had lovely weather. It's the middle of November, but I walked across town in a long sleeve top and cardigan today.

I don't feel so bogged down and bloated. So it's bread that effects me? Byebye white bread, hello pumpernickel bread! Cutting my dairy intake down to just the coffee I drink is helping.

I'm really enjoying reading again. Would you recommend me a book? I'm reading a Jenny Colgan novel right now. I'm not usually one for chick-lit, but this isn't banal like a lot of chick-lit I've inflicted on myself in the past. (Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams). I've got a couple of books on the go right now. I've been reading Tove Jansson's fabulous "Tales from MoominValley" with A. (Who can resist the Moomins?)

I've been getting out the house. I went on a lovely walk with friends from church on Monday. An hour on the South Downs

Cold Combes

It was lovely to get out, have interesting discussions with friends about a number of issues in life. And the natural beauty that we're gifted with here in Sussex is amazing. I doubt I could live anywhere else. Though I'm hoping for some holidays. I want to take a walking holiday in Wales next year with A.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Being a good person?

I'm trying to be a better person. Be honest, open, loving. It's hard, and I admit I struggle.

I feel like I can be quite selfish. Sometimes I resent being asked favours, which I really shouldn't, considering how many favours I'll ask from other people. I can be way too quick to snap at Abbie. She's only 7. A very grown up 7, but still only 7 nonetheless. I can be greedy, and unwilling to share. I can be negative sometimes.

If you know me IRL and catch me doing these things please tell me, I want to stop these attitudes.

I've been truly blessed with an amazing family, brilliant friends, I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, Even when I think I have "nothing" I have a LOT more than a lot of people in the world. I should remember this. A lot of people should.

I don't even know where I'm going with this blog post.... Erk.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wow, November has treated us well so far.

Abbie and I were on television! We were filmed as we walked in one of the Bonfire Night Processions. Lewes is pretty famous for our Bonfire Night celebrations, so it's pretty amazing to find out that we'd made it onto the local news. Unfortunately we weren't able to see it ourselves, as it wasn't uploaded onto the website.

Though we are in this video. From 4 minutes 26 to 4 minutes 30. I'm on the left of the screen, Abbie on the right, and Kerry on the left :)

We had a LOT of fun, we're looking forward to Barcombe Bonfire this coming saturday.

What is everyone enjoying right now?
I'm just about to start a new book (Jenny Colgan's "Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams"), I'm crocheting a neckwarmer (I've finished making a 13 foot long scarf)
I'm enjoying taking a lot of long walks lately. (I'm hopefully going out with friends tomorrow)

Friday, 2 November 2012

So that was no post October?!

Guess who forgot she'd started a blog? What a silly egg I am.

We're not even a full 48 hours into November, and I'm already contemplating my New Years resolutions. So I've decided to stuff the New Years part of it, and just work on some improve-me resolutions.

1. Get back to recording what I eat. I've had some fluctuations in mood and energy levels, and I need to work out what causes the slumps, and get it out of my system. My body is a temple, so I should only accept the best of sacrifices right?!

2. Keep up with the Gratitude journal. There are always things to be grateful for, whether it's something small like a nice view from the window, or something bigger it's always worth making a note of.

3. Exercise more. I've fallen into a slump because I move around a lot at work, but a half hour's Wii Fit isn't going to kill me.

4. Try and keep the negative feelings to a minumum.