Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Reliving my youth

Summer Holiday ends today. The little'un is back to school tomorrow, so today while she was firmly ensconced in playing with her dolls I fired up my Xbox (Crystal one <3) and played a bit of Fable. I first got this game when it originally came out, and have always had a major soft-spot for it.

 We went to Newhaven Fort too, somewhere I haven't been since I was around Abbie's age. We had a lovely time, here are some of the photos. Abbie, and then abbie and I at the entrance :)

Abbie stood infront of the searchlight.

Abbie, Grandad Beebee and I stood infront of one of the guns

Part of the WWII display

The Air Raid Display - Showing 2 shelters, and people being dug out. We also got to go into a simulated air-raid. It was scary enough knowing we were perfectly safe, but that this was real life for Nanny Beebee and Nanny Penguin during the war

Grandad looking out to Sea over West Beach

Abbie in an empty Gun station.

From a similar angle. On a totally whole other note, this used to be a little playground with dodgem motorbikes and a small arcade and cafe. It was still open in 2007 when I lived in Newhaven, but had shut down and been demolished since. It's ever so weird to see it like this, I have some amazing memories of that place.


  1. Looks like you guys had great fun!

    1. We had an absolutely brilliant day. We're hoping to go again in the not too distant future :)