Thursday, 13 September 2012

En route to three

So, at Weightwatchers on Tuesday I got the news I'd been waiting to hear. I have officially lost 2 stone now. Not 1 stone 13.5lb where I had been stuck for the best part of the month (sneak peak on the scales shows I've lost 2st2 as of today, hopefully that'll stay that way til next Tuesday). I'm pleased with my progress. My health has already had some big improvements.

I don't get out of breath climbing the stairs behind my flat.
My ankles aren't puffy and retaining water anymore. For the first time in half a decade.
I haven't had half as many headaches as I used to.
Since my boobs shrunk a size my backache isn't so bad.

I definitely plan to carry on with this. I know some people are judgemental, and think that anyone who doesn't accept the body they've got is an asshole, and if you wanna call me an asshole, hey I'm an arsehole.(Because I'm British, lets use the right word, right?). I wonder why people get their pants in a twist about weightloss..... dying your hair, getting piercings and tattoos are changing your body too. So lets not double standardise ourselves right?


  1. Congrats, Lia!! I'm so proud of you <3

    1. Aww thanks Karina <3 You're the sweetest! (Btw, do you have a blog button I can link to in my side bar?)

  2. Yay, I know I have already said about it via text, but I'm super proud of you!