Sunday, 16 September 2012

5 reasons I'm glad to be alive

  1. I'm getting to see Abbie grow up. I love this kid so much, she is living proof that good can come from bad. She inspires me, frustrates me, delights me all at once sometimes. Sometimes it's been really difficult being a lone parent. I don't think I've been too alone on this journey though. My father, Aunt ( Allso Lizzy ), and Uncle, and Grandparents have all been so much help. More than I deserve, I swear.
  2. Really ties in with #1. My family. I'm honestly so blessed with them. They are heaven sent. They say you can't choose your family, and it's a good job. I don't think I'd have been able to choose as well as the ladies and gents I've got.
  3. Coffee... Lets face it, I'm foul without it. I don't end up with excess caffeine in my blood system, I have excess blood in my caffeine system.
  4. My friends. I really love my friends. Whether the penpals who I've been writing to for over a decade, or the mum-friends I've made at the school gate. This is the first time in my life that I've felt like I have friends who really want me around (I certainly didn't feel that during my school years)
  5. Myself... I'm sorting out my issues, and really starting to enjoy my life. I think that's pretty awesome, don't you?

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