Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Health, Wealth and Happiness.

I don't seem to have much luck on changing the 2nd of these (though ask me Saturday morning after the Euromillions haha), but the 2 Hs are works in progress that I'm happy about.

I'm still that half a pound off 2 stone lost that I was 2 weeks ago, I gained 2lb and lost it again in that time, I'm persevering, and I really hope to see that half a pound off this coming tuesday. I'm having great fun helping out at the Holiday Club that my church runs, and running about, singing, dancing and the such is definitely good exercise.

The happiness is coming along too. Instead of waiting around for things to make me happy, I've decided to tell my brain just to be happy for small things. We don't need huge great things to make us happy. Isn't being alive enough? Sitting in the park watching the plants "dance" together in the breeze, hearing a song we love, recieving a text from a good friend, a good cup of tea. It doesn't need to be huge to make us happy.

I'm counting my blessings every day. I am going to try and do thankful thursday from now on :)

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