Tuesday, 24 July 2012

So,  I gained 1lb. I expected it, I'm not going to punish myself for it. I've eaten sensibly today, and worked my butt off with 3 hours in the swimming pool. Abbie can now swim with just a float, from the kid who was too nervous to let go of me in the pool at 12.30 to this kid going solo by 3pm, it's amazing. I'm so proud of her. I also managed to swim 50 metres for the first time ever. I'm not the worlds strongest swimmer (not by a long shot), and I suck at using my legs to swim, so swimming 50m just using my arms is pretty cool.

I'm looking forward to next weeks swimming session, and to Saturdays Walk on the downs.

Next time, I'll be blogging about housey things, including some horror pictures of how messy this place has got....

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