Thursday, 26 July 2012

Housey Housey

This January will mark 5 years that I've been in my flat.  It's the longest time I've lived anywhere in a decade. I don't think I've ever really settled back into living here though, after 6 months of hostels and bedsits I think it's taken until now for my brain to really comprehend the fact that we're here on a permanent basis right now.

In these 5 years I've painted the bathroom (a vile fuchsia, that needs repainting a.s.a.p) and the kitchen (a lovely green that I adore.)... the hallway has been re-papered (and needs it again many thanks to the evil cat-sat cats)... I've got 7 weeks summer holiday right now with my little lady, and in this summer holiday I want to get the lounge painted, and the bathroom redone. last to be done will be the bedrooms. 

Current plans are thus:

Bathroom - whatever colour strikes my fancy. Something pastel. Not noxious fuchsia (bubblegum pink my left tit)
Lounge - cream. I have dark wood flooring, so a nice cream wall will open up the front room, and leave us with many options as far as accessorising/ dressing the room is concerned.
Hallway - redo wallpaper where needed (get help for this, I can't wallpaper for toffee!) and possibly paint it. (I have that white woodchip wallpaper right now)
My room - 2 walls turquoise, 2 walls cream
Abbie's room - 2 walls lilac, 2 walls cream

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