Friday, 4 April 2014

The Incredible Sulk

I can't seem to shake an underlying bad mood at the moment.
I don't know why. I've been ill lately, and it tends to send me a bit grumpy. And things have been stressy in as much sorting out childcare for holidays, and keeping up with housework any everything else. I'm going on a cleaning frenzy today. (which has given me backache).

I need to get so much more organised.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Happy New Year.... In March!


Sorry blog o mine, I appear to have abandoned you somewhat since New Year.No excuses. Twas crap of me.

Life is hectic with the job. I love it, but I'm still finding my feet in as far as finding a balance is concerned.

A is getting on well, and is thriving at school. They had a class trip to the Egyptian exhibit at Brighton museum, which she loved..

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sorry for radio silence

Well, the last couple of months went past in a blur.

What's new with me?

  • I HAVE A JOB!!! I work for the Post Office now. Talk about dream job for a pen paller <3
  • I have a bit of self confidence! I think this is linked with the above bullet point
  • I'm learning to love decluttering. Not that anyone would guess this by seeing my flat today.
  • I have a love for writing letters again. I fell a bit out of love with post in 2013
2013 was a weird old year. Thankfully there's only 1 week left. 2014 is looking set to be MUCH better

Monday, 2 September 2013

Self Indulgence

I've been feeling pretty down lately at times. Nothing that I can totally pin-point, but a pervading sense of "why even bother"...

Then I did holiday club with my church, and spent time with good friends and I'm feeling better. So while I'm in this better mood I'm posting a list of 5 reasons why I love myself (and need to remember this when I don't really love myself)

1. I am resilient.

I don't tend to give up, even when life gives me a massive case of "ughhhhh" anymore. I've taken some real crap in my life, and I haven't let it drown me.

2. I'm willing to try new things.

I started crochet-ing age 28, I tried matcha tea just because it was offered. I like to try new things.

3. I'm not sucking wholly at parenting.

Maybe some people don't agree with how I parent Abbie (I am pretty strict), but I've got a child who is a heck of a lot more respectful that others I know (and even while sulking at my witholding a treat due to her bad behaviour still thanked a bus driver as she got off the bus)

4.I make good cupcakes

Because yum, cake.

5. I am getting a tonne better at We Love Katamari

Because na naaaa na na na na-na na na na katamari damacy!!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bore Da Babies

So, 3 weeks ago Miss A and I went to Wales. We spent 2 nights in Cardiff, before catching a train up to Liverpool where we caught up with friends/compadres/partners in mischief and drove along the North Welsh Coast to Betws-Y-Coed and Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrmdrobwllllantisiliogogogoch (apologies if I spelled that wrong, I'm going from memory RN)

 As soon as we arrived in Cardiff Abbie was absolutely thrilled. "LOOK MUM IT'S IN WELSH! TAKE A PICTURE OF ME WITH THE WELSH WRITING" (It says Shuttle bus to the airport every 20 minutes. Tickets £5)

Obligatory mummycuddle pictures :)

Beautiful signs at Caerdydd Canolog (Cardiff Central Station)

Won't translate this, as it's translated there by Abbie

 When we arrived in Cardiff we dumped our bags at the hotel (Ibis Budget Cardiff. It was brilliant. Very cheap, very good quality for the money we'd paid. Cheaper than the hostels we'd looked at!)

Then we caught the #6 Shuttle Bus to Cardiff Bay. Abbie was enraptured. We really enjoyed looking around the bay, especially as we recognised a lot of places from various telly programmes

 (including Doctor Who, Torchwood, a couple of Pobol Y Cwm on locatino episodes....)

The Millenium Centre is awe-inspiring. So beautiful. When we go back to Cardiff I fully intend to have more of a look around.

 We seemed to spend a lot of time playing around statues. Abbie loved this one near the station :)

 We also looked at a museum by the tourist information centre. When Abbie sat on that seal it made a noise and she nearly leapt off it in shock.

 On Thursday morning it was time to say HWYL FAWR CAERDYDD!! RYDYM GARU CHI!! (byebye cardiff, we love you).

As you may have noticed in this picture, my arm is in a sling. Wellll, en route to the train station to start our adventure, I shut my hand in a taxi door accidentally. (The wind blew it shut)... I fractured my right index finger, and had it taped up to the middle one, and up in a sling to avoid it being bashed about.

Other people bring home sticks of rock. Injuries are apparently my souvenir of choice!

 Betws Y Coed was lovely. We went on a little miniature train ride (and the actual train pulled up while we were at the station, which was fun)

 Driving to LlanfairPG the scenery was absolutely amazing. If anyone ever wants to give me a house in Snowdonia, please feel free!

This one if you're so inclined ;)

I wonder where we are in these above pictures??

And then it was time to say Hwyl Fawr Cymru! After this we went to St Helens, had EPIC takeaway (seriously the portion sizes were absurd!) chilled out, chatted, and then on Friday afternoon spent 7 hours going home to Sussex

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Rock Bottom

I definitely hit rock bottom earlier this month.

I'll let you into a little secret. I'm absolutely rubbish at housework,... I can just about maintain a clean house, but if something happens and it gets untidy I can't seem to claw myself back.. and it got more and more untidy and I just buried my head in the sand like a detritus-ostritch..

Thankfully I have friends who care enough to tell me and to help me, and honestly I've been so over-whelmed by the love. Things are making great strides forwards.

I also got in touch with my landlord who will be removing my (useless) water tank. They were supposed to be removed when the boilers were installed, but yet again, it didn't happen with my flat (I was also missing half my kitchen when I moved in).... but yes, 5 1/2 years later my case has been heard, and byebye water tank and HELLO STORAGE CUPBOARD. OH MY GOSH WHAT WILL I DO WITH THAT SPACE

I know fullwell what I'll do. It'll be the cupboard for the vacuum cleaner/ironing board/mop/brooms etc.. and shelved from waist high so I have somewhere to put bedding that isn't the bottom of my chest of drawers.

Hitting rock bottom and being honest has been so cathartic and exhausting though, I'm knackered and running 99% on caffeine lately.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


I love food, but I hate my lack of kitchen motivation lately.

What are your favourite things to cook?